The top five ways leaders kill innovation (without knowing it)

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I have to be honest…I’m tired of listening to people talk about innovation. It has become the latest business ‘buzzword’ instead of an actionable business strategy that nets long term, sustainable competitive advantage. What frustrates me most is that I see passion and energy for innovation in all kinds of organizations, but the leaders often get in the way! It’s …


Restart your business curve – innovate!

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Business and marketing guru Guy Kawasaki did a great TEDx Talk titled The Art of Innovation (if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching it). In his talk, he articulates that leaders and organizations are often caught off guard by the changes that disruption brings to an industry and its effects on their business curve. Using an example of …

I innovate, therefore I am

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To make progress and to change is human. Throughout time, our very survival has depended on our ability to adapt to our environment and collaborate with one another to face the most difficult of conditions. Truth is, it’s no different in business. To thrive, let alone survive, in today’s business climate, an organization must have the ability to innovate, change, …


Five ways leaders can promote a culture of innovation

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Corporate culture is a nebulous thing. Everyone recognizes when a culture is unhealthy, but most people struggle to pinpoint that ‘moment’ when it became toxic or contrary to what they were trying to promote. Therein lies the problem – culture doesn’t develop in a moment. It evolves over time. If you want to encourage a culture of innovation, by definition, …

Strong leaders say “I don’t know. I need help.”

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I was talking recently to a colleague that happens to not only run a successful manufacturing business, but is a practicing physician. As we compared notes on leadership, some interesting parallels emerged between leading a business and leading a patient care team. Notably, leaders and physicians are often expected to have all of the answers; when we don’t, it’s usually …


The need for speed: Three tips for maintaining momentum on innovation projects

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It’s no secret that everyone is talking innovation. While some are doing it, many continue to struggle with taking an idea, developing the concept and business case, and delivering a new product/service/internal system to customers or employees. The good news is that it isn’t rocket science. The bad news is that it does involve discipline and commitment. Most often, innovation …


Why diversity is crucial to innovation success

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Let’s say I work on the shop floor of a furniture manufacturing company. Senior leadership has decided that, as the focus of an innovation project, we need to come up with ideas for reducing errors and rework on the shop floor. When it comes to selecting the team who will work on this project, conventional wisdom says to gather a …