When You Lose Trust in Innovation

Evan Hildebrand Innovation, Leadership Leave a Comment

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you have been in a similar place, or at least fear you are on a similar trajectory based on recent experience. Innovation, a word that used to be exciting and unpredictable, has become predictably unexciting. Maybe the word “innovation” has lost its meaning to you, or you have been …

Think Outside the Box. King of the Overused and Under-Explained.  

Ryan Ramsdale Innovation, Leadership Leave a Comment

Think outside the box. Of the many overused phrases that have taken the spotlight in the business world, this was reigning champion for some time. Also, in my opinion, the most despised champion of overused phrases! I’m not just going against the grain or rebelling against conformity here; there are important reasons to consider why this is true. First off, …

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Four Reasons You Can Trust a System

Rhonda Honke Innovation

“Trust me…” How many of us have heard that before? It could be coming from a friend who is suggesting a new restaurant we’ve never tried, or a team member who is embarking on a new project. If you are like me, that term makes you bristle in most circumstances. Why? The truth is, there are different levels of trust. …


What to Do When You Need a Breakthrough

Rhonda Honke Innovation, Strategy

These days it’s easy to be consumed by the current conditions and political posturing that is happening all around us. Between reports of case counts, rising debt, and the state of our economy and health care system, it seems prudent to go into a holding pattern or a hunker-down position. But what if there is another option? What if you …


Solving a Problem? Don’t Play the Same Old Song

Ryan Ramsdale Innovation

I’ve been a musician for decades. It all started when I saw old footage of Elvis Presley. At that time, I felt like something was missing from my hands—it was a guitar. For years I wrote songs, formed bands, performed live and recorded albums. Despite my background, to this day, nothing makes me more uncomfortable than “jamming.” I am a …

The Magic of Constraints

David Moskal Innovation

It is not uncommon that we’ll hear a leader say that they don’t want to constrain their team. We hear statements such as: “Every type of idea is on the table.” “I don’t want to limit their thinking.” “There is no budget if it’s a great idea.” Statements like these are said with good intentions, but they are often causing …

3 Essentials to Maximize Diversity of Thinking

Ryan Ramsdale Innovation

You hear it all of the time: “Leverage the diversity of your team.” Or “Make sure you’re creating diverse working groups”. While we certainly agree, this directive can leave team leaders confused. What’s missing? The “how to”. Without diversity we limit the potential of our problem solving and creativity because we synthesize information in isolation. Essentially, one brain on the …

What Happens When You Are Forced to Act?

David Moskal Innovation

I’ve seen the below post floating around social media and while I do find it amusing, there is some interesting truth to it: Who was responsible for your digital transformation? Your CIO A Consultant Covid-19 At the end of the day, when you must do something—you just get it done. Many organizations had plans to someday have remote teams and …