Stay ahead with innovation.

Guess what? YOU can innovate. In fact, EVERYONE can innovate with the right system.

Innovation Engineering increases the speed and decreases the risk of innovation to turn big ideas into reality to create value. Solve problems for your customers faster (and smarter) than your competition does.

The best part? It’s a group effort. No one person in the organization has to be the “idea guy.” If you want to energize your organization and get your employees thinking like owners, get them involved in an Innovation Engineering project.

inVision is the leader of the Canadian Innovation Engineering Network. By using the Innovation Engineering system to make innovation a reality in your organization, you’ll experience increased speed to market (up to six times faster) and decreased risk (up to 80% less).

What can you expect from Innovation Engineering? Expect results. Expect your employees to be passionate about what they’re working on, making recommendations that will benefit the company. Expect new concepts ready for development that have never crossed your mind. Expect that your organization will be innovative. We know it can.

The Innovation Engineering Process


Learn how to Create, Communicate, and Commercialize meaningfully unique ideas and the systems that make it work.

Intelligent tools

Tools help you and your team work quicker, smarter, and more creatively.


Hands-on help from experienced Innovation Engineering Black Belts help accelerate your success.


What Our Clients Say

“We went to inVision Edge looking for support generating new product ideas to fill our innovation pipeline. inVision Edge designed and facilitated an Innovation Engineering Create session that engaged a cross-functional team to come up with over 100 ideas. One of the things I appreciated the most with this approach was the ability to walk away with tangible outcomes that can then move forward quickly.”Lucy Uberoi, Senior Manager - Nature's Way Canada