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  • “inVision Edge has proven to be a pivotal partner in development of an innovative culture, innovation framework and a proven system for taking new ideas and making them real.”

    Ron Asmundson – Winpak
  • “The Team at inVision Edge are great partners and have been a part of our success for the past 5 years. Their deep insight on innovation and strategy has helped provide us with a clear understanding of our direction and fully supports our culture of innovation.”

    Grant Shaw – CWB National Leasing

  • “A leader in both Strategy and Innovation consulting. They have unique and proven methodologies in both fields and a high calibre team to train and support implementation. Highly recommended!”

    Mark Neuendorff – Pollard Banknote Limited
  • “inVision has helped our business become a “Strategic” thinking company to help us compete in today’s competitive business environment! John and team are nothing but top shelf people to partner with! I can honestly say we wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of inVision!”

    Ryan Elias – Triple E Recreational Vehicles
  • “inVision Edge rocks. They are great partner in helping to drive strategy and innovation for our organization.”

    Joel Druwe – CWB National Leasing


Innovation and growth happens when there is a clear strategy and focus on execution, an innovation system that turns big ideas into reality to create value, and engaged leaders who are inspired to get things done.

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“Our partnership with inVision Edge has been a key ingredient in assisting our organization in success in the area of strategy and innovation. We feel that the inVision team is part of the Triple E family!”

Ryan Elias
VP & General Manager, Triple E RV/Leisure Travel Vans

“Our initial segment of this journey has been exciting! The power of the innovation methodology has provided a system of employee education in innovation and problem solving and drastically reduced team cycle times to arrive at solutions.”

Dave Johns
President, Winpak Division of Winpak Ltd.

“The team at inVision Edge provided the push we needed to reinvigorate our entrepreneurial spirit and to begin the journey of creating a culture of innovation. Innovation Engineering has been a key accelerator for us in driving innovation within our company from product development to engaging our workforce.”

Grant Shaw
VP, Strategy & Culture, National Leasing

“The inVision team provides solutions and support rooted in integrity and driven with a genuine “partnership” mentality. The team is always there to provide innovative and progressive solutions and support.”


Richard Neill
Director, Wynward Insurance Group


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