Transform yourself to transform your organization

Jody Milburn Leadership

All organizations need to transform in order to grow. When we reach the top of the business curve and business is good, we’re tempted to settle in for the long haul after the hard climb up. We want to get comfortable and we feel confident as we pat ourselves on the back for making it: “Let’s keep doing what we’re …

Don’t forget the introverts in your next innovation project

Ashley Kodak Innovation

An indisputable key to a successful innovation project is the diversity of the project team members. The power of diversity is in the varying experiences and ideas each team member brings to the table. Different perspectives generate better and more varied ideas, ultimately creating more successful outcomes. “Diversity” can mean different things to different people though. In case of an …

The power of rapid cycles of learning

Rhonda Honke Innovation

Recently, I had the opportunity to be one of four judges at the semi-final stage of a business case competition that hosted MBA and Ph.D students from some of the most prestigious universities across Canada and the US. As part of the process, students were asked to submit a written business plan to judges ahead of a thirty-minute presentation and …

inVision CEO John Ferris guests on The Champion Entrepreneur

Invision Edge Strategy

inVision Edge CEO John Ferris recently had the opportunity to sit down with host Anthony Lee Witt and share the inVision Edge story on The Champion Entrepreneur podcast. Learn about the philosophies and principles that have guided, and continue to shape, inVision from its founder.  Click here to listen.          

It’s time to talk about Canada’s innovation crisis

John Ferris Innovation

To all Canadian CEOs, Executives, Business Owners and Leaders, The Conference Board of Canada reports that we continue to fall behind on innovation as a country. In fact, a recent report states: Despite a decade or so of innovation agendas and prosperity reports, Canada remains near the bottom of its peer group on innovation, ranking 13th among the 16 peer …

Learning to dance to the rhythm of accountability

Ashley Kodak Leadership, Strategy

Prior to joining inVision, I had never participated in a strategic planning session. The 2015-16 session marked my second year (you can read about the process here). In a nutshell, during the session we develop the organization’s overall direction for the coming year. We develop objectives that address each goal, and action plans follow. Each team member takes a piece of …

Execution is about LIVING the plan, not communicating it

Rhonda Honke Leadership, Strategy

Too often, senior leaders start the year with a big town hall meeting to ‘present’ the organization’s strategic plan, if they share it at all.  They give a state of the union address and summarize the high level strategies and objectives. When the meeting is finished, executives feel good that they have shared the plan and everyone is now accountable …

Future’s so bright, gotta wear shades

John Ferris Innovation, Leadership, Strategy

We have the best job in the world: we enable leaders and their organizations innovate and transform. Through our work with so many amazing leaders and their companies, it has become clear that there are three key ingredients for sustained innovation and transformation: Radical clarity of direction of your company and relentless execution towards a common purpose (Navigate) A system …