What has a greater impact on organizational growth? Strategy or leadership?

Rhonda Honke Leadership

“Strategy will not succeed in a void, and leadership often makes the difference between merely reaching for great opportunities and actually realizing their potential.”  – McKinsey Report, Tsun-yan Hsieh and Sara Yik. I had an interesting conversation a few weeks ago with a senior leader in a successful manufacturing organization. He proudly spoke about the company’s products and employees and …

Innovation is not about a job title

Wendy Ferris Innovation

When most people think of innovation, they think of Steve Jobs. They are right to do so. He was absolutely an innovator who changed the world with the work that he did. (Can you imagine carrying a camera, iPod, books and a cell phone separately now? The man saved me several pounds of luggage weight for my vacations with his …

Innovation Engineering College: What did I learn?

Ashley Kodak Innovation

More than I thought possible. If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn or Twitter, you know that inVision Edge was the proud host of the very first Canadian Innovation Engineering College held here in Winnipeg, MB at the end of October. I was fortunate enough to attend as a student, on a mission to get my Innovation Engineering Blue Belt. …

Strategy Navigation (Part 3): I fought the law and the law won

John Ferris Strategy

In the previous two posts in my Strategy Navigation series, I talked about the need to keep your strategic planning process as simple as possible and secondly to develop the rhythm of accountability – a regular groove for the execution of your plan. Now, we focus on the nuts and bolts of developing a strategic plan. I’ve participated in countless strategy …

Strategy Navigation (Part 2): Find the groove

John Ferris Strategy

Playing for years in a blues band has taught me that the rhythm is what holds it all together. It doesn’t matter how well we’re playing; if the rhythm is off, it all falls apart. Musicians will tell you that when they hit that “groove”, when they find that rhythm, magic happens.

Just like the band that needs to find that repeatable rhythm to put on a great show, an organization’s strategic plan needs a repeatable rhythm to drive execution. In business, a leader’s job is to create and sustain the beat that drives the plan forward.

Strategy Navigation (Part 1): Strategic planning? Keep it simple.

John Ferris Strategy

How many times have you taken part in a “strategic planning” session? You know what I mean: off-sites, on-sites, change-the-world sessions, driven by hype, energy, and hard work. The development of the big, master plan that’s going to change the company and maybe the world. Then, the predictable happens. It sits on a shelf, or on your computer, and it’s …

Success is optional

Wendy Ferris Innovation

When we first start working with clients, we explore the ‘Business Life Cycle Curve’ (see image below). The business curve is composed on five phases: start up, growth, maturity, decline, and death. It’s an effective tool for quickly assessing where an organization is in its life cycle, and it, along with other tools, often forms the basis for the work …

The game of innovation

Invision Edge Innovation

This past weekend, Dan Torbiak, Executive-in-Residence at the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba invited inVision Edge to judge a competition that had MBA students creating a board game that would facilitate innovation in a local utility company here in Winnipeg. Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship Nathan Greidanus set the stage for the judges, telling us to evaluate …