The times they are a-changin’

John Ferris Leadership, Strategy

There is one constant in this world: change. It’s echoed in the conversations I have with leaders on a daily basis – the speed of change is getting faster and faster. It may take different forms (technological, social, global economic, disruptive business models, the nature of the work), but in any form, disrupts the business world as we know it. …

Leaders: It’s time for an innovation and growth pit stop

John Ferris Leadership, Strategy

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to set the stage for the next year of growth in your company. If you’re like me, brief time away can provide renewed focus, energy and excitement for all the possibilities that await. Think of a race car driver: during a race, the driver makes a pit stop. It’s a momentary break to …

Five keys to maintaining momentum on your strategic plan

Jody Milburn Strategy

Most of us have experience with setting personal goals. We set a goal – for example, buying a house. With that end goal in mind, we evaluate where we are (our “current state”) and what it will take to reach our goal. After that, we can formulate a plan (saving money, monthly budgeting, house hunting, etc., for example) to reach …

Radically Canadian

John Ferris Innovation, Leadership, Strategy

Having grown up on the east coast of Canada, I’m a proud Maritimer. While it’s been years since I’ve lived in the Maritimes I still associate myself with all that the Maritimes offer. From the magnificent ocean views, the best sailing in the world, the rugged landscape on the cliffs over the Atlantic, and that down-home hospitality, in my heart …

No more lazy days of summer

John Ferris Innovation, Leadership, Strategy

I’m all for some good R&R and downtime in the summer to recharge the batteries. It’s necessary. But when the world around us is changing so quickly, thinking of summer as a “slower” time doesn’t cut it. There are no lazy days of summer for our customers, suppliers and competitors. Summer can be the best time to set the pace …

Six ways to elevate your strategic plan

Rhonda Honke Strategy

So, it’s time for your organization to start working on its strategic plan. As the date approaches on your calendar, you feel a sense of dread. It’s not that you don’t think having a strategy is important; you just find that your team struggles to differentiate strategy from operational or day to day management. You’re not alone. We all tend to …

inVision CEO John Ferris guests on The Champion Entrepreneur

Invision Edge Strategy

inVision Edge CEO John Ferris recently had the opportunity to sit down with host Anthony Lee Witt and share the inVision Edge story on The Champion Entrepreneur podcast. Learn about the philosophies and principles that have guided, and continue to shape, inVision from its founder.  Click here to listen.          

Learning to dance to the rhythm of accountability

Ashley Kodak Leadership, Strategy

Prior to joining inVision, I had never participated in a strategic planning session. The 2015-16 session marked my second year (you can read about the process here). In a nutshell, during the session we develop the organization’s overall direction for the coming year. We develop objectives that address each goal, and action plans follow. Each team member takes a piece of …