Execution is about LIVING the plan, not communicating it

Rhonda Honke Leadership, Strategy

Too often, senior leaders start the year with a big town hall meeting to ‘present’ the organization’s strategic plan, if they share it at all.  They give a state of the union address and summarize the high level strategies and objectives. When the meeting is finished, executives feel good that they have shared the plan and everyone is now accountable …

Future’s so bright, gotta wear shades

John Ferris Innovation, Leadership, Strategy

We have the best job in the world: we enable leaders and their organizations innovate and transform. Through our work with so many amazing leaders and their companies, it has become clear that there are three key ingredients for sustained innovation and transformation: Radical clarity of direction of your company and relentless execution towards a common purpose (Navigate) A system …

Our Holiday Recipe for Doing Great Things

Invision Edge Innovation, Leadership, Strategy

Back in November, John and Wendy issued a challenge to the inVision team – find a way to do Great Things in our community to celebrate and share the Christmas spirit. Here is the recipe we followed on December 3rd to meet the challenge! Ingredients: 2 inVision leaders with servants’ hearts and a Christmas challenge 6 inVision elves with warm …

Strategy Navigation (Part 3): I fought the law and the law won

John Ferris Strategy

In the previous two posts in my Strategy Navigation series, I talked about the need to keep your strategic planning process as simple as possible and secondly to develop the rhythm of accountability – a regular groove for the execution of your plan. Now, we focus on the nuts and bolts of developing a strategic plan. I’ve participated in countless strategy …

Strategy Navigation (Part 2): Find the groove

John Ferris Strategy

Playing for years in a blues band has taught me that the rhythm is what holds it all together. It doesn’t matter how well we’re playing; if the rhythm is off, it all falls apart. Musicians will tell you that when they hit that “groove”, when they find that rhythm, magic happens.

Just like the band that needs to find that repeatable rhythm to put on a great show, an organization’s strategic plan needs a repeatable rhythm to drive execution. In business, a leader’s job is to create and sustain the beat that drives the plan forward.

Strategy Navigation (Part 1): Strategic planning? Keep it simple.

John Ferris Strategy

How many times have you taken part in a “strategic planning” session? You know what I mean: off-sites, on-sites, change-the-world sessions, driven by hype, energy, and hard work. The development of the big, master plan that’s going to change the company and maybe the world. Then, the predictable happens. It sits on a shelf, or on your computer, and it’s …

How to win again

John Ferris Innovation, Leadership, Strategy

It’s simple, really. At inVision, we believe that there are three main ingredients that hold the key to the success of any organization, regardless of size, industry, or location. Ironically, there is a certain complexity in our simplified focus and each part requires a system to make it happen. Dr. W Edwards Deming boldly stated in his book The New …