Innovation Projects

If you’re ready to fire up your teams and accelerate your growth curve, start with an innovation project. Whether your goal is a new product, new service, or business system improvement, these projects engage your team to create, test, develop, and launch growth opportunities. Projects move quickly, with less risk and tangible results.

Three types of innovation projects help you ignite change in your company:

Idea Jump Starter

Generate ideas and solutions
in just four hours.

Go beyond brainstorming. Gather a small group of employees for a four-hour session focused on a specific problem or opportunity facing the company. You’ll walk away with up to forty new ideas, including at least three actionable ideas you can implement immediately – guaranteed.

Innovation Wave

Create and launch your biggest
growth opportunities.

Engage a team of employees in creating, testing, and validating new ideas for your biggest growth opportunities. Following this twelve-week wave, the new product, new system, or business system improvement moves into rapid commercialization and launch waves.

Innovation Accelerator

Supercharged innovation designed
to get results – fast.

It starts with an intense week of rapid ideation, testing, and development, and ends three weeks later with a ready-for-development product, service, or system. Led by a team of innovation experts, there is no faster way to make innovation happen with actionable results.