(inVision Transformation Advisory Group)

Michael Legary

Michael Legary is a Canadian serial technology entrepreneur with experience in a wide number of industries, who's focus is on enterprise value creation, governance and risk management. 

Al McLeod

Al McLeod is an IT and business professional with experience across a wide variety of industries including Technology, Media, Agriculture, Finance, Insurance, Government and Telecommunications. 

Jamie Wilson

Jamie is a visionary who is passionate about building bridges between First Nations and business communities, as a pathway to a strong and prosperous economic future for all. 

The Challenge: Organizations can get stuck or lack clarity in the complexity of creating new growth and impact opportunities. They don't often have access to the expertise of people who have been there on a just-in-time basis. There are times when we need a sounding board to pull us out of the weeds and focus on our biggest opportunities for growth. We don't have time to research things to death. We need answers and ideas now

Our mission at inVision is to enable innovation and growth with the organizations we work with, so we are adding a new service that will give you access to top experts in the Canadian innovation space. 

The inVision Transformation Advisory Group (iTAG) brings real-world experience in leading innovation and creating value for organizations, and can be the person on your bench who can push you beyond the status quo. You will have access to expertise that will give you a competitive edge by providing guidance, advice and a sounding board for your most important growth opportunities. 

Imagine your own personal, experienced, senior level innovation and value creation advisor/advisors to tap into when and where you need it.

You will have access to:

iTAG Roundtables

You and your team meet with iTAG in facilitated sessions to provide ideas and solutions for value creation or to talk about a particular innovation challenge you are having.

iTAG Coaching Sessions

You and/or your team have coaching sessions with one of the iTAG members on a specific strategic initiative based on the particular expertise of your coach.

Innovation Skills Sessions

iTAG experts can help you expand your innovation capabilities including skills, ecosystem, strategy, etc.

Interested in tapping into the diverse expertise of iTAG? Let us know!