Leading Innovation Program

Learn how to lead, enable and sustain a
culture of innovation in your organization



  1. How to build innovation into your strategic plan 
  2. How to develop a systems-driven innovation mindset 
  3. How to use executive tools that will make you more effective at leading innovation 
  4. How to make innovation happen faster and with less risk

An organization built on a culture of innovation is purposeful in its focus. In this program, you will gain insight into your organization, and your personal leadership approach to drive innovation success, including:


What you can do to develop an environment in which existing employees contribute to a culture of innovation.


What it takes to “win” with innovation, including the investments in internal capabilities that will provide the most impactful ROI.

Building & Sustaining Momentum

Your personal and organization’s readiness to innovate, and whether it has the momentum to build and sustain a culture of innovation. 

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