Innovation and Strategy Coach

Here at inVision Edge, our calendars and inboxes are full of exciting opportunities, so we are looking for a full time Innovation and Strategy Coach to join our team and:

1. Facilitate one to three-day public and private workshops on strategy (Playbook Edge) and innovation (Innovation Engineering System)
2. Develop and customize workshops for clients as required, including the development of curriculum and participant materials
3. Provide remote coaching to clients in the area of strategy and innovation
4. Attend and/or participate in events or conferences aimed at increasing awareness of our strategy and innovation systems

In order take on these responsibilities, we are asking that candidates have a minimum of three years of facilitation experience and a minimum of five years of industry experience. While our ideal candidate will have completed post-secondary education in adult learning, we will not exclude those with extensive facilitation experience from consideration.

Before you polish up that resume, you should know that doing cool s*^t that matters is not always easy. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if this is the career you’ve been waiting for.

Are you

• passionate about leading and facilitating (not training!) workshops designed to help people master and apply new skills, knowledge and mindset in their work?
• in your element when asking tough, thought provoking questions, challenging the status quo, and reflecting on your own experience?
• willing to try new things, fail (fast and cheap), and read/respond to dynamic situations to maximize results?
• able to build rapport and trust quickly within teams, checking your own ego at the door?
• a self-starter who doesn’t need to wait for instructions but is willing to ‘figure things out on the fly’, while engaging and working in a team environment where job titles only mean something on a business card?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, no problem! We wish you luck wherever your career takes you.

If you’ve kept reading, then you are part way there. Let me tell you what it’s like to work at inVision, because environment matters. Here’s what you can expect to see/experience as a member of the inVision team:

An open concept office – No cubicles here! Just desks, lounge type space and floor-to-ceiling windows to let in a tonne of natural light.
Open communication – We keep no secrets. Business information and financials are shared with the team and everyone has a role to play in strategic planning. We hold ourselves and each other accountable so healthy conflict is not just encouraged but expected.
No red tape – We don’t have much for bureaucracy and function more like a start-up. We all agree that we need to do a better job documenting some of our processes and systems, but we’ve been busy working with clients. We’ll get there.
High expectations – Don’t confuse this with a high degree of micromanagement. We set aggressive targets for ourselves and we work hard to achieve them. That doesn’t mean we expect people to work extra hours; we just expect people to bring their A game every day.
Freedom in a Framework – Technology allows us to work from anywhere these days, and inVision provides a great deal of flexibility around when and where we work, depending on our roles. We also have a lot of opportunity to experiment and try new approaches to support our clients and our team without fear of getting our hands slapped.
Fun – We work hard, but we always make time for fun. Whether it is our annual “Do Great Things Day” in the community, ‘meetings’ on a local patio in the summer, or laughing over lunch, we enjoy each other’s company and strive to celebrate success every chance we get.

If this opportunity aligns with your passion, we’d love to hear from you. Email your resume to greatthings@invisionedge.com along with a short video outlining why you need to be the next member of the inVision team. 


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