Innovation Coaching

Personalized support to help you innovate and grow

We have had the opportunity to Do Great Things with many growth-minded organizations. Below, you will find several examples of innovation coaching we have offered.

Our client was faced with the challenge of merging systems across operational groups to streamline efficiencies, while still respecting unique differences. Furthermore, there was a significant time-restraint. Leveraging Innovation Engineering and an innovation coach, a diverse team was able to go from understanding the issue to creating a business case for a system re-vamp (validated by five different stakeholder groups) in just 8 days.

Using a strategic plan that was already created, we were asked to help create a direct linkage between strategy and innovation for an organization. We coached them on how to manage innovation within their execution structure, as well as choose the right people to work on their innovation initiatives. Through the 1-day process our client was able to set up their key innovation metrics, and create a roadmap for how to get started.

We were approached by an organization that needed ideas to improve their internal communication system. Using Innovation Engineering tools, we were able to coach a diverse group from within their organization to generate meaningfully unique ideas. Together, we prioritized the top ideas into exploration and implementation categories. By the end of the process, their team was completely aligned around the issue at hand, and had a road map for reinventing their system.

With the support of an innovation coach, a client’s project team used the Innovation Engineering system to transform how they served their customers. Together, we built a business case for the first tool in the industry to save time by connecting vendors with salespeople meeting with customers on-site. With this application, our client went on to win the 2016 Operations and Technology Excellence Award from The Equipment Leasing and Financing Association.

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