Innovation Engineering Quick Start Program

An immersive workshop teaching you
the how to’s of innovation

Why the Quick Start Program?

Is the speed of change increasing in your industry?

Are your brainstorming sessions a waste of time?

Are your innovation efforts slow or have a low success rate?

Do you want to innovate but are not sure how to start?


Upon completion of the program you'll be able to:

  • Deliver results up to 6X faster using a new innovative work process
  • Create 8x more big ideas than brainstorming
  • Leverage a repeatable system to increase your speed and success rate
  • Jump start innovation in your job instantly using an online innovation software suite

How it Works

Step One:

4 hours of Online Digital Classes

Before attending the Quick Start Program, you will receive access to a video library of the fundamentals of how to create,  communicate, and commercialize meaningfully unique solutions to your challenges. You can watch the short classes on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Step Two:

5 x 2.5 hour Virtual Classes

Because you learned the content in the digital classes, you're ready to make the learning real in our virtual classroom - NO boring lectures! This is a fully immersive experience guided by experienced Innovation Engineering professionals.

Step Three:

Application to your Work

During the 60 days after the session, you’ll start applying the new mindset, systems, and tools to your work - connecting the dots from innovation theory into practical application. The application assignments will help you think deeper about how you can improve your systems, create solutions, and get qualitative and quantitative feedback on your ideas - FAST. You will have your own personal Innovation Engineering coach to guide you through the process.

Step Four:


Achieve your internationally-recognized Innovation Engineering Blue Belt certification by successfully completing your assignments within sixty days following training.

Let's save a page in your notebook!

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