Clarify your strategy and make it happen.

From trying to keep up with the competition to moving your company forward, it can be tough to keep up with the pace of change. We understand because we’ve been there.

An effective strategic plan means your organization is working smarter, not just harder. A radically clear strategy is key to building a culture of innovation. inVision Edge works with you so that you have the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve.

We take a different approach to the strategic planning process. It moves quickly, which means that you and your team spend your time where it matters most: on executing the plan. You set the rhythm and make accountability a priority. It’s about progress and results, not a heavy binder sitting on a shelf.

The Playbook Edge System strategic planning framework puts the focus on execution. Make the plan happen with Playbook Edge, our online execution tool. You and your team will maintain focus on the plan throughout the year by tracking your progress, updating the plan, and keeping each other accountable.

An effective strategic plan is a roadmap for your organization, helping you keep pace with change, grow your company, and hit your targets. Our five-step process will get you there.


The Playbook Edge System Five-Step Process

  • Determine your organization's purpose.

    Go beyond the mission statement and define your organization’s “Why”.

  • Assess where you are now.

    Using our Playbook Edge System tools, take stock of the organization’s opportunities and challenges.

  • Create clear goals and actions.

    Together, we’ll use the Law of Threes to develop a plan that focuses on your three Big Goals.

  • Remove things that could get in the way.

    We call them “death threats” because they could derail the plan if left unchecked. Let’s call them out so that we can deal with them.

  • Review progress often.

    You’ll make the plan happen by following a rhythm of accountability. That means making the plan (and its progress) a priority and using our Playbook Edge online execution tool to stay on track.

What Our Clients Say

“The entire team is great to work with. You feel like they are invested in your idea, your plan, and your goals. Difficult to do in a consulting role, but they feel like a partner and support network you can always rely on.”Jeff Leiter - Executive Director, Pan Am Clinic Foundation



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